Equine Neck Pain and Dysfunction In-Person Course


On May 19th, a roomful of keen veterinarians, chiropractors, physical therapists, bodyworkers, trainers, and horse owners from the U.S., Canada, and Brazil gathered in Fort Collins, Colorado for a 2 ½ day overview of the diagnosis and management of cervical issues in horses.

The course, hosted by the Veterinary Compendium and Kevin Haussler DVM, DC, PhD provided 21 hours of RACE continuing education credits.

In his inspiring introductory remarks, Dr. Haussler shared his desire to provide an open, welcoming environment that will encourage input and discussion from all participants, irrespective of training or educational background. “I hope that we can all learn from one another this weekend, and go home and apply this knowledge for the greater benefit of horses everywhere,” added Dr. Haussler.

During the weekend, participants attended high-quality, clinically-relevant presentations from Dr. Haussler and other instructors, and participated in hands-on lab sessions that covered topics specific to the diagnosis and management of soft-tissue, articular, and neurological deficits contributing to neck pain and dysfunction in horses. The content included cervical anatomy, biomechanics, pathology, the various examinations that are performed (physical, neurologic, acupuncture, chiropractic), diagnostic imaging, medical management, rehabilitation, and surgical procedures.

During the afternoon lab portions of the course, which took place at the Last Resort Equestrian Center, instructors demonstrated their personal neck assessment and treatment techniques, and eager participants had an opportunity to try their hand at some of those techniques. Participants, including bodyworkers, were also encouraged to share how they personally assess and treat neck pain.

Critical horse-rider interactions were also explored from a physical therapy and rider perspective, and the importance of the horse-tack-rider unit and a whole-horse approach was discussed as it relates to equine welfare and performance.

During the lab sessions, participants also enjoyed learning more about the use of certain tools, such as how acupuncture needles are placed and removed in specific situations, effective tools for myofascial work, taping methods, and the use of proprioceptive pads for rehabilitation work.

At the end of the last day, Dr. Haussler invited Brazilian participant Dr. Brunna Fonseca to share one of her fascinating case studies.

Everyone concurred that the learning and sharing during the weekend course was extremely rewarding.

Biographical notes:

Dr. Haussler: https://vetcompendium.org/kevin-k-haussler-dvm-dc-phd/

Dr. Story: https://vetcompendium.org/melinda-story-dvm-phd-dacvs-cvma-civca/

Dr. Nout-Lomas: https://vetcompendium.org/yvette-nout-lomas-dvm-phd-dacvim-dacvecc/

Dr. Holt: https://vetcompendium.org/tim-holt-dvm-cvma/

Dr. King: https://vetcompendium.org/melissa-king-dvm-dacvs-phd/ or

Dr. Fortunski: https://vetcompendium.org/kristin-fortunski-pt-dpt-cerp/

Dr. Mikail: https://vetcompendium.org/solange-mikail-dvm-ms-dacvsmr/

Dr. Colla: https://vetcompendium.org/sandro-colla-dvm-ms/

Dr. Easley: https://vetcompendium.org/jeremiah-easley-dvm-dacvs/

Dr. Fonseca: https://axialvet.com.br/#sobre

Colorado State University: https://vetmedbiosci.colostate.edu/vth/ 

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