Solange Mikail, DVM, MS, DACVSMR

Active Diplomate

Vet Physio Institute, Rua Nilo, 214 Cotia SP 06717-710 Brazil 55 11 99902-7507

Species Focus: Equine Degree: DVM, MS Board Certifications: ACVSMR

Dr. Mikail earned her DVM from the Universidade Estadual Paulista UNESP Botucatu and completed her MS at Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), studying tendon healing with laser therapy. At her private sports medicine practice called Espaço Equus, she addresses musculoskeletal disorders with several modalities – focused Shock-Wave, laser, PEMF, manual therapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation – and exercises for the rehabilitation of equine athletic injuries. In Brazil, she is a pioneer in the field of equine rehabilitation (since 1996) and thermography (since 2000). She is the author of the book Fisioterapia Veterinaria (2005 and 2009). She coordinates annually an extensive course in equine rehabilitation, which is the reference course in Brazil since 2002. During the last two Olympic and Paralympic Games, she was the Equine Physiotherapist Team Leader, and coordinated the Equine Physiotherapy Service (staff, equipment and sessions) during Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. She is is one of the examining vets who performs thermography in the Limb Sensitivity Control Program during FEI international competitions. She regularly speaks at national and international conferences. Her special interests include tendon and ligament repair, biomechanics, wound healing, pain management, kinesiology taping, fascia work and thermography.