Sandra Howlett places her hands on the nose of a buff colored horse wearing a leather bridle

Sandra Howlett, DC, CST-D, Veterinary Chiropractor

Dr. Howlett has three passions in life: people helping people, people helping animals, and animals helping people. Before the age of 10, she knew she would be some sort of doctor. She finally chose chiropractic so she could work with both people and animals, especially athletes (human, equine, and canine), without being confined to a hospital setting. She graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1987, at the age of 23. 

Her early days in practice were successful, yet she quickly began searching for more education, more diversity. She discovered Dr. John Upledger, DO, OMM and adopted the osteopathic approach to facilitating self-correction, especially cranial osteopathy. During her years with the Upledger Institute, she became diplomate certified and was an instructor and examiner for the organization.

During this period, she had access to further training offered by the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (an umbrella organization regrouping the Upledger Institute, the Barral Institute and the Chikly Institute) in neural manipulation, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, and manual brain/glial matrix work.

She then completed animal chiropractic training, a post-doctorate program offered only to veterinarians and chiropractors, with the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre.

With a further quest for understanding animals, especially horses, Dr. Howlett completed the Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC) Facilitator Certification Program with The Academy for Coaching with Horses, as well as the Equine Assisted Learning certification with Equine Connection, The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning.

When Dr. Howlett discovered that addressing “head cases”, including what is often referred to as behavioural, was lacking in the therapeutic approach to helping animals, she developed a curriculum in CranioSacral Therapy. This curriculum is focused on integrating the craniosacral system, the fascial system, and the nervous system, thereby facilitating self-healing for animals, especially horses and dogs. The program was originally offered through Integrative Intentions, then Upledger, and currently through Equinology, as this allows us to delve deeper into the science behind the techniques being offered and the approach to health care.

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