New Textbook!

Dr. Haussler was in Naples, Florida last week to attend the 2nd Annual Symposium of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation® (ACVSMR), an organization that he helped to create in 2009. One of the week’s highlights was the official launch of a new equine rehabilitation textbook...

Dr. Haussler teaching in Germany

In late August, veterinarians and equine chiropractors from Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Bulgaria gathered in Bakum, Germany for a continuing education course with Dr. Haussler and human chiropractor Dr. Gertjan van Koert.

Dr. Haussler contributes to CERP training in Tennessee

Dr. Haussler frequently travels around the globe to teach and collaborate with colleagues. In early July, he spent two days contributing to a hands-on training session for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and physical therapists, as part of the Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CERP) course.

Equine Neck Pain and Dysfunction In-Person Course

This 2.5-day in-person course, hosted by the Veterinary Compendium and Dr. Kevin Haussler, has wrapped up in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Identifying challenges in the diagnosis and successful management of neck pain and dysfunction in horses

A group of 40 internationally recognized veterinary specialists met recently to discuss neck-related issues in horses and to capture video content for educational purposes, with a focus on surgical procedures, sample collection and processing for pathology, diagnostic imaging, neurologic evaluation, physical examination and rehabilitation approaches.

Check Out New Educational Content

Veterinary Compendium has launched several new online learning modules. Check out the catalog and browse the modules to learn more.