Melissa King

Melissa King, DVM, DACVS, PhD

Dr. King earned her veterinary degree from Colorado State University and completed an internship at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Following her internship, she returned to northern Colorado as an equine private practitioner focusing on orthopedics and sports medicine. After ten years of practice, Dr. King returned to CSU to earn a PhD in equine orthopedics and rehabilitation at the Equine Orthopaedic Research Center. The focus of her PhD was to investigate the physiologic, biomechanical, and histologic effects of aquatic therapy on diminishing the progression of osteoarthritis within the equine middle carpal joint. Dr. King’s current research interests involve the objective assessment of underwater treadmill exercise for the management of equine musculoskeletal injuries, validation of rehabilitation modalities, as well as the biomechanical assessment of compensatory gait adaptations.