Martina Neidhart puts her hands on the back of a white horse in the stall of an outdoor barn with a sand floor

Martina Neidhart, MRCVS, DVC, CVA, CERT, CEKTT

Following graduation from the University of Bern (Switzerland) and the Cornivus University of Budapest (Hungary), Dr. Neidhart worked in Switzerland with small animals and equines in several veterinary clinics, where she acquired experience in rehabilitation and alternative healing modalities. By 2011, she had her own practice in Switzerland, specializing in rehabilitation, and manual and integrative therapies. In 2021, she moved to the U.K. where she worked in several equine clinics. She is currently self-employed with her farrier partner in Germany.

Dr. Neidhart also worked, from 2014-2017, as an instructor of veterinary chiropractic at the Backbone Academy in Germany – the only AVCA-accredited chiropractic school in Europe. She has been a speaker at several international veterinary conferences. Her keen interest in equine rehabilitation, manual therapy, chiropractic, TVCM, and podiatry enable her to provide a high level of care to her patients.

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