Lola Michelin taking a selfie

Lola Michelin, LMP, LAMP, SAMP

Licensed Massage Therapist, Large Animal Massage Therapist, Small Animal Massage Therapist; Director of Education, Northwest School of Animal Massage; Founding Member, National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage

Lola Michelin studied pre-veterinary medicine at Michigan State University, graduating with a BSc. in Animal Science and Genetics. She went on to work as a veterinarian technician at Detroit Race Course, a pathology technician in Boston, Mass. and as a zookeeper at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida. 

She studied massage under Jack Meagher and Mary Schreiber, focusing on racing thoroughbreds and show jumpers in the US and abroad, and groomed professionally for Olympian Chris Kappler.

In 2001, she founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage and is an ardent educator in the field of animal therapies. A student of myofascial therapies, acupressure, and osteopathy, Lola was chosen to adapt the Manual Ligament Therapy technique from humans to animals by its creator Arik Gohl.   

She is a consultant for the Woodland Park Zoo Animal Health Care Team, and was a teacher for Equi-Tape Kinesiology Tape for seven years.

An internationally recognized speaker, Lola has presented for the AVCA, JVMA, AHVMA, AZA, AMTA and IAAMB.

As a founding member and vice-chair of NBCAAM, she helps to promote a high standard of practice throughout the animal massage and acupressure industry. 

When not teaching, Lola is usually chasing hounds on horseback with the Woodbrook Hunt Club.