Elisse Miki wearing jeans with a white top leans on a tree while a horse with a white face and brown body leans into her.

Elisse Miki

BSc (Kinesiology), licenced RMT (human),
Certified Equine Therapist,
Equine Functional Osteopath (Level 1)

With a BSc in Kinesiology and a Diploma in Human Performance under her belt, Elisse began her career as an Exercise Physiologist. She then obtained a Registered Massage Therapy (human) licence, and went on to certify in equine massage therapy, equine craniosacral therapy, and equine osteopathy. She is currently training in human osteopathy.

Elisse uses knowledge-based yet creative solutions to improve and rehabilitate the physical capacity, form, and function of both horses and humans. She is passionate about promoting the total well being of the horse, especially senior horses who require specific management practices. She believes in honouring the physiology of the horse by promoting a barefoot lifestyle, free access to forage, regular movement, and herd mates.

A strong believer in the power of education, Elisse has spent much of her career teaching manual therapy and exercise physiology at the college level, as well as equine therapy in her own clinics and online learning platforms. Elisse owns and operates a NBCAAM-approved continuing education school where she offers practical training for other therapists and horse owners.

Her future goals include opening the first equine dissection team lab in British Columbia, Canada, in order to offer advanced anatomy clinics and post-mortem discovery.