Compensations in the Horse

Many members of the horse’s care team – trainers, manual therapists, dentists, farriers, among others – frequently talk about “compensations” and “compensation patterns”. But do we really understand what those words mean in terms of the horse’s anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics? What is really going on in the body when we say that a horse is “compensating” or has a particular “compensation pattern”? And then there is the piece about how to identify compensations, and whether they are a “good” thing or a “bad” thing. And what to do about them when we find them. Leave them be? Remove them? Remove them but not before a performance? Dr. Haussler has invited trainers Jillian Kreinbring, MS and Veronika von Rohrscheidt, DVM to share their work and have a conversation with him and our attendees about all things compensation.

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