Working With Fascia – The Hidden Highway

Fascia – or connective tissue – was once disregarded as the stuff that gets in your way when you are dissecting and want to see the underlying muscles, blood vessels or nerves. However, a revised perspective is that the fascia forms the entire framework in which the rest of the body is formed – heart, ribs, and joints. In this webinar, Dr. Haussler discussed the biomechanical concepts of tensegrity and myofascial lines. Additionally, perhaps more interesting topics included innervation patterns, fluid flow, electrical signals, and the effects of manual therapy on these different systems.

Price: US$ 55

Additional Details:

  • 2-hour webinar including Q&A period.
  • Zoom link will be provided the week of the event.
  • Video replay will be available after the webinar.
  • Purchasable at any time.

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