Laterality… or Is It Just Asymmetry?

Laterality – or being right- or left-handed – is a common concept applied to both horse and riders. However, upon closer inspection, laterality may not always be what we think it is. Is laterality related to left-right hoof imbalances, or having more difficulty turning in one direction, or seeing out of one eye better than the other? In this two-hour webinar including a Q&A period, Dr. Haussler will discuss how structural and functional asymmetries contribute to perceived laterality. He will also look at how we might influence laterality, and whether we should even attempt to change these innate patterns.

Price: US$ 55

Additional Details:

  • 2-hour webinar including Q&A period.
  • Zoom link will be provided the week of the event.
  • Video replay will be available after the webinar.
  • Purchasable at any time.

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