A headshot photo of Caroline Lindsay in front of a dark brown horse.

Caroline Lindsay

BSc(Hons), PGCert, MSFC Dip, AdvCertVPhys, CertEdVPT

Caroline is a UK-based Veterinary Physiotherapist, Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, clinical educator, and graduate sports therapist with 25 years of professional experience combining horse, saddle and rider manual and electrotherapy techniques with rehabilitative exercise programmes. She is currently a third-year PhD student focusing on rider, posture, pain, and performance.

She has a special interest in evaluating and resolving asymmetry in the horse-saddle-rider combination both in the field and with her workshop-based horse simulator with biofeedback. She has just released her textbook entitled The Art & Science of Developing Postural Control for Horse Riding and is finalising her textbook entitled Living Asymmetry: Achieving Straightness, Stability and Balance in the Horse Saddle Rider Combination. Her horse-saddle-rider expertise is underpinned by a First Class Honours Degree (2002) that qualifies her to assess and treat human athletes.

Caroline is a qualified trainer of Veterinary Physiotherapy and rider evaluation and performance enhancement and runs regular CPD courses for equine therapists in the UK and Europe, with a strong focus on equine chiropractic, myofascial and mobilisation techniques. She runs 3 Facebook Groups and a YouTube channel with a combined following of 50K.